We carry a wide selection of instruments, from budget pieces for beginners that cost SGD90 to world renowned brands that cost tens of thousands of dollars. Whilemn Lochmamn, Sarasate, Martin Kulick, Klaus Schmidt, HenryRandolf have been very popular among string students. We realize that the relationship between the musician and instrument is an intimate one, with diverse requirements. As such, we have contacts with luthiers from Italy, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Romania and China who can customize an instrument to suit your needs.

JX Young first started as a violin trading company. With our experience and feedback received from our valued customers, we have come to understand what our clients need.  We see after sales service as a key and vital part of our operations.  Completing a sale does not mean fine in the relationship between JX Young and our clients. Instead, we view this as a Da Capo of our relationship; we want you to keep coming back to us as we continue this journey for as long as we possibly are able to.

You will be keen to note that each and every piece of instrument that leaves our workshops is professionally adjusted to ensure optimum tone and playability.  We also offer full repair services such as violin repair, restoration, tonal adjustment (sound post, cutting of new bridge) and bow rehair.  We will continue to offer our client after sales support as best as we can.